Personal advice and many years of experience

Since April 2000, the Lifestyle trend store in Landstuhl, Kaiserstraße 15, has been a permanent fixture in the shopping landscape. The name says it all when it comes to buying branded clothing: recognizing and offering trends is the credo of the Lifestyle Team. What counts for us is service, competent, friendly advice. You can inform yourself about the latest trends at your leisure. The trendy store was given a makeover in July 2018. In addition to the new concrete-look store, an original ambience was created by the mix of florally designed walls and natural sandstone and brick walls.

In addition to a small coffee bar, there is a small seating area with color-coordinated armchairs.

International top labels like Guess, Replay, Imperial, Kleinigkeit, Key Largo, Gipsy, Herrlicher, Khujo, Buena Vista, Blonde No.8, Como No.1, Smith & Soul, Blutsgeschwister, Post Xchange, etc., as well as many young newcomer labels offer something special for every fashion freak who wants to dress stylishly and not in a uniform look.

Here, as is well known, there are no age limits, because ultimately the styling must simply fit the type. The best thing is to just have a look at us and see for yourself.

Christa Lutz and her Lifestyleteam are looking forward to seeing you!